Zip it. Zip it up. It’s time for RiRi.

Feb 14, 2023

Rihanna rocked the Super Bowl halftime show, but Adele is the one who’s going viral from the performance. The “Easy On Me” singer wasn’t kidding when she told fans at her Vegas residency that she was only going to the big game to see RiRi sing. And apparently, she was serious.

Footage from the game of Adele shushing the people around her has fans cracking up and sharing the video over and over. She was reportedly in the VIP section with the likes of Jay-Z, Paul McCartney and Gordon Ramsay. But the only one Adele really cared about was Rihanna. Adele was captured sipping a drink making a “zip it” gesture to the people chatting around her moments before Rihanna came out.

What do fans think of Adele’s moment? Many of them ate it up. Comments like,“It’s so us rn like can we just skip to the queen’s performance” and “She said I’m here for Rihanna and Rihanna only.” Now THAT’S friendship, folks.