Your celeb soulmate based on your sign!

Jun 16, 2022

I came across this on The Batman is my guy!

Aries Soulmate: Serena Williams (Libra)

You, Aries, are competitive, energetic, and dynamic—which makes you passionately confident in all aspects of life. As the first sign of the zodiac, you’re known for relentlessly going after what you want and always striving to be the best. You need a partner who can match your energy and isn’t afraid of a little friendly competition. That’s why Serena Williams, the most decorated tennis player of all time, is your perfect match. Williams’s ambition and drive are the perfect match when you’re searching for someone who can appreciate your desire to succeed.

Taurus Soulmate: Robert Pattinson (Taurus)

As an earth sign, you gravitate toward those who share your practical view on life. On your own, Taurus, you’re stubborn and determined, and you need someone who knows how to balance out your passionate disposition. Your ideal celebrity soulmate is someone who knows how to tell it like it is and always has your best interest at heart, which is why fellow Tauruses, like Robert Pattinson, are great to have by your side. Hilarious, optimistic, and always loyal, he’ll be your go-to when life comes at you sideways. His quirkiness and down-to-earth personality will make perfect combo when you’re searching for a loyal partner who just gets you.

Gemini Soulmate: Miley Cyrus (Sagittarius)

Meeting people is no issue for you, Gemini, since you’re known for being the social butterfly of the zodiac. Geminis are flexible, extroverted, and witty, so there’s never a dull moment while you’re around. As an adventurer, you need someone as spontaneous and impulsive as you: Miley Cyrus is your girl. Like you, Cyrus is a charming and chatty free spirit who can’t help but attract attention.

Cancer Soulmate: Dev Patel (Taurus)

Compassionate, playful, and fiercely loyal are just a few traits Cancers are known for, as well as your nurturing nature and connection to your emotions. Someone grounded and practical, like a Taurus is your strongest match because you both know the importance of taking things slow and enjoying the bright side of life. There’s nothing you love more than a relaxing night at home with your closest friends. And just like you, Dev Patel is loyal and likes to keep his inner circle tight.

Leo Soulmate: Kim Kardashian (Libra)

There’s something to be said for your natural confidence, Leo, but wouldn’t it be nice to find someone else who shared your bold sense of humor? As the zodiac sign most often in the spotlight, you tend to gravitate toward people who are equally glamorous and fun-loving as you are. Your ideal celeb BFF is someone who knows how to balance out your fire, and Libras like Kim Kardashian are known for being balanced, objective, and friendly.

Virgo Soulmate: Keanu Reeves (Virgo)

Virgos appreciate relationships based on maturity and shared interests, which is why you look for people who are compassionate and kind; and tend to gravitate towards other earth signs. That’s why of all the signs, a fellow Virgo like Keanu Reeves will make a solid match. You two are the perfect pair: His determination and compassion is the ideal complement to your practical outlook and interest in self-improvement. He also has a grounded confidence, which is why he makes such a good partner.

Libra Soulmate: Taylor Swift (Sagittarius)

You’re a lover, not a fighter, Libra. You can make friends wherever you go because you’re usually up for anything and love to be around other people. You’re looking for someone who is quick-witted, fun, and always up for an adventure. That’s why a Sagittarius like Taylor Swift is your ideal celebrity soulmate. She’ll be able to keep up with your creativity and intelligence—and if you’re looking for someone who will whisk you away on a last-minute adventure or stay up late talking about the meaning of life together, she’s your girl.

Scorpio Soulmate: Ryan Reynolds (Scorpio)

You’re one cool customer, Scorpio, but under your tough act is a secret soft side. As a water sign, you hold your emotions close to the chest, so it takes a good amount of effort to get you to open up. In terms of romance, you’ll get along best with fellow Scorpio, Ryan Reynolds. You’re both artistic and spiritual, giving you a friendly and magnetic connection. Only fellow water signs, with their deep emotions, can understand being overwhelmed by their feelings and won’t have any trouble giving you space.

Sagittarius Soulmate: Stevie Nicks (Gemini)

Sagittarius, you love to challenge the status quo, so it’s not surprising that your star-crossed soulmate is one of the most talented women around. The cool and effortlessly brilliant Stevie Nicks would be the ideal zodiac soulmate for adventurous Sagittarius—and Nicks’s spitfire, in-your-face style will resonate with your vivacious and energetic vibe. Geminis like Stevie Nicks have extremely active minds and aren’t afraid to leave their mark on the world. The pair of you together would be an unstoppable creative force.

Capricorn Soulmate: John Boyega (Pisces)

What matters most to you most is ambition and the drive to be successful in anything you try to accomplish. As the hardworking leader of the zodiac, you need a cosmic partner who can motivate you to be your best self. And who is a better inspiration than a fun-loving Pisces, like John Boyega? He’ll charm you with his warm laugh, as well as his determination and unwavering persistence. He knows a thing or two about the overachiever lifestyle, because Pisces never stop dreaming.

Aquarius Soulmate: Doja Cat (Libra)

Known as the rebel and visionary of the zodiac, you’re full of innovative ideas, Aquarius. You need a relationship that goes beyond the surface level stuff. Aquariuses are unique, free-spirited souls. You prefer to surround yourself with people who are just as quirky and unique as you are—someone like Doja Cat. She’s not afraid to innovate and get weird in the name of creating cool art, and as a result she’s always setting the trend. Together, the two of you are a fearless and unstoppable pair that are sure to shake things up.

Pisces Soulmate: Rihanna (Pisces)

The last sign of the zodiac, but never the least, is ethereal and empathetic, Pisces. As the most perceptive of the signs, you know how to read people, so your star-studded bestie needs to be equally insightful. Ruled by Neptune, you’re looking for a partner who you can share all your deepest dreams with, which is why fellow Pisces, Rihanna, makes an ideal celebrity match for you. She’s deeply passionate, and openly expresses her thoughts and emotions. She also has a strong moral compass, innately knowing what she feels is right or wrong—which is an ideal match for how you approach life.