Wait…what? This shade of pink is BANNED?

Feb 25, 2021

A certain shade of pink is making waves on TikTok. Julian Gibeau runs a TikTok account dedicated to what he calls “controversial colors.” In one popular video he breaks down a shade of pink known as Baker-Miller pink—a shade which allegedly reduces hostile or aggressive behavior, and nobody knows why. He explains, “The military ran tests on this in the ‘70s and apparently when the walls are painted this [shade of] pink, people lose 30 percent of their strength.” As a result, he claims towns then started to paint their drunk tanks pink, and found fights went down. He adds, “[Then] football teams started painting the away team locker room this color and they actually had to make a new rule to ban it.” This isn’t a new concept, there’s plenty of other scientific evidence that shows colors have various influences on our behaviors.


Watch below!




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