Think Talulah will be grounded? Do you think she regrets her life choices?

Jan 9, 2023

The headline reads “Dog Is Rescued After Chasing Big Horn Sheep Up A Cliff” and I felt panic!  


A fearless dog is home safe after chasing a group of big horn sheep up a cliff near Palm Springs, California. The dog named Talulah got out of her yard Tuesday night and wandered onto a trail in a wildlife preserve. The next day, a ranger spotted a group of big horn sheep on a rocky cliff that were acting strange and then he saw the dog up there with them. She was stuck on a ledge a couple hundred feet up. A rescue crew, which included some Palm Springs police officers, got the dog down safely and reunited with her family. I wonder if at any point during this adventure she thought “Heck. What have I done?” I’m thinking not. We are so glad she’s safe! 


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