These are my kind of people!

May 18, 2021

Mel Tillery saw a “really messed up” bird off a Maryland road on April 27th, scooped him up in an empty box, drove home to Towson, and posted a photo on Tumblr, drawing the attention of fellow animal lovers. The pigeon spent a few days on Tillery’s porch showing a will to live. But the best rehab option, Ramsey Loft, was 600 miles away in Georgia. So Tillery picked 5 people out of the 20 who volunteered to drive the bird, now called Passenger. Tillery drove two hours south to Herndon, Virginia. Natalie Landsberg, 24, drove 3 more hours south to Richmond, where Rohan Maythe and Michael Dyess, both 27, took over. They passed Passenger along to Emily Orton in Chapel Hill, NC. Mae Kwong-Moses, a 26-year-old PhD student took the last leg. She got Passenger to Danielle Ramsey of Ramsey Loft, who described Passenger as near death. Two weeks later, he’s doing much better, able to stand and flutter his wings.