The Sunday Scaries are a real thing. How can we ease the scaries? Read on!

May 2, 2022

The Sunday scaries are a totally real thing. In fact, almost 70% of working professionals reported feeling them last year. Unfortunately, there’s no “magic cure” but those who are successful during the week implement these three strategies on a Sunday

  • Set intentions for the week. Ambiguity causes stress. In other words, if you’re just winging it, you’re more likely to stress yourself out during the week.
  • Create a tasks list and an accomplishments list. Reflect on accomplishments and organize your thoughts. Keep a list of these things and update it every Sunday.
  • Find a self-care ritual. Journaling, calling up a friend, practicing meditation, or spending time with people who uplift you can be examples of self-care and will give you something to always look forward to.

Hopefully this is some advice that can help you out!