Shakira will be in studio today! Shakria the puppy that is! It’s our Wet Nose Wednesday and it’s puppy cuddle time!

Apr 26, 2023

This week on our Wet Nose Wednesday, we meet Shakira! Not the singer Shakira…the PUPPY Shakira! LOOK AT HER! Shakira is up for adoption through the Erie Humane Society and will be in studio this morning at 7:50a and I can’t wait to meet her! I CANNNOT WAIT TO MEET HER! Look at that face. Have I mentioned how much I love Wednesdays? If you are wondering “Where did this cutie pie come from?”…we have the answer! She’s a 3 month old pupper that came from a partner shelter in Athens Alabama. They had too many pupper litters and were looking for other shelters to help them out and OF COURSE Nicole and the EHS crew jumped at the chance.

Tune in at 7:50a to get more info on Shakira and find out what the EHS is up to because they are always up to something fun!

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