One of the funniest mistakes ever.

Nov 8, 2022

This is REALLY funny.

Everything is cake! This YouTuber wanted a cake covered in black roses, but was surprised when the pastry didn’t turn out as expected.

YouTuber Robert Tolppi wanted the bakery to bake a stunning birthday cake made with red velvet and black icing in the shape of roses. To his surprise, he received a cake in the shape of his own head staring into the ceiling.

Instead of the cake reference photo, Tolppi accidentally sent a selfie of his unsmiling face, which the bakery duplicated perfectly. He ended up sticking candles into his forehead and using the cake anyway.


The stunning black rose cake the YouTuber thought he had ordered


The snap Robert attached by mistake


Despite the total fail, many preferred the face cake to the rose one he had planned to have originally