Oh my heart! Why are koala bears so CUTE? Thank goodness for folks like this.

Jan 17, 2023

He stopped to help the baby across the street! This is my kinda guy. I have been known to stop traffic to help sweet living beings get out of the way of danger. As a matter of fact, I was doing my morning show and there was a goose in peril outside of our studios and he kept wandering out into State Street. I couldn’t let anything happen to him so I went out and stopped traffic so he could cross the street. When he came back over, I did it again. People were honking and getting impatient but guess what? I didn’t care. My goal was to get him to safety. It turned out his partner had a nest close to the studio and he was apparently having a hard time finding it. We brought in help and he was reunited with his lady and the eggs.

I’ve done the same for turtles, a butterfly, a herd of deer. It just takes a little patience. Nothing is so important that you can’t spare a few minutes to save a living being from suffering.

It takes so little effort to be kind!

This is a guy after my own heart.