Now we know why the water tasted so sweet! Ooops.

Apr 22, 2022

A mom has taken to TikTok to share a fail, and it’s got people cracking up. TikTok mom @trishnicole92091 got over 1.4 million views and 270,000 likes when she uploaded the hilariously cringeworthy tale to her account. In her post she explains she fills her large Igloo water bottle each day with filtered water and ice, and lately, she noticed it had a sweet after taste—and her kids noticed the taste as well. She didn’t know what was causing the taste, and it kept returning even after she thoroughly washed the bottle. She eventually figured out that it wasn’t her bottle or the water, but the ice she was putting inside. A bottle of whipped vodka in her freezer had been dripping into the ice the entire time. Commenters let her know they found the situation hilarious. She could call in the next time we ask what makes you a member of the hot mess mom club!



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