Knock! Knock! KNOCK! Is anyone home?

Mar 25, 2021

A Swan in a town in England is being super annoying…yet so gorgeous! Homeowners in Northampton, England have been dealing with a swan that seemingly likes to knock on doors. The locals say the swan couple has been there for seven or eight years, and that about five years ago the male swan started messing around with people’s front doors. One man says the swan rattles his letter box, and it does no damage, but it’s very irritating as it echoes through the house. He adds the bird will sometimes keep up this behavior for three hours. A local news outlet says the bird has only been targeting houses on a specific block. One woman affected by the swan says, “It happened about the same time last year and I think they could be hungry in nesting season. At first, I couldn’t believe what was happening but I’ve gotten used to it now.”

According to SWNS, the bird has been targeting houses on one specific block.