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An unusual way to get dates…

Meeting new people to date can be really challenging, which is one reason so many singles rely on dating apps to find potential love matches. But after a while, all that swiping can feel like a waste of time, which is where Emily Zgoda recently found herself. Tired of scrolling on Hinge, the 27-year-old came up with […]


Billie Eilish and Gucci have joined forces to promote a new line of eyewear. A movie-like commercial launched this week showing Eilish driving a retro car around Hollywood Hills as she’s being stalked by someone that looks just like her. In the spot, she’s wearing caravan sunglasses in black acetate with a gold-toned Gucci script logo. In some photos just […]

It’s our Wet Nose Wednesday! Meet Abbott and Costello!

Well, aren’t they just the cutest? I CAN’T WAIT TO MEET THEM! Abbott and Costello are our Wet Nose Wednesday Superstars of the Week. They are five month old littermates who are looking for their FURever homes! They can be adopted together or separately. They are love bugs and get along with everyone! If you […]

A twist on “the dog ate my homework!” This is SO FUNNY.

In a Reddit thread that went viral, a teacher revealed that she had a new twist on “the dog ate my homework.” The teacher said that her dog ate the assignments her class had turned in, leaving them in pieces on her kitchen floor. The post includes a picture of the proud pooch standing next […]

The seal just wanted to be Coco’s friend!

Home invasion is terrifying, but what about when it’s an animal? A young seal broke into the New Zealand home of marine biologist Phil Ross. His wife Jenn left for the gym around 6 a.m., and when she came back she found the seal in the hallway. The couple figures the animal got into the house through one […]

Today is the day! Our Cause for Paws Radiothon!

Wanna help out the furbabies in our community? Today is the day to do it! It’s our 12 hour Cause for Paws Radio-thon at our Happi 927 studios at 3514 State Street. We will be broadcasting live all day with our local animal shelters and businesses that support them! Included today…Because You Care, The ANNA […]

Eeeeeeee. I love this!

A Brazilian couple had an unexpected participant in their wedding ceremony when a stray dog walked into the church, met the groom and guests, and then walked back to the door of the church and escorted the bride down the aisle, then posed for wedding pictures afterward. What are you going to do in that […]

Someone loves to sing!

Friday we had a dog playing the piano…today we have a singing donkey! They should get together and do a duet!

Murder lamp?

TikToker Paige Nicole posted a video of her a brass lamp she found in a thrift store, and it turned into an investigation. In the clip, she revealed that the removable lamp shade had a mysterious stain underneath that looked like blood. In follow-up videos, Nicole says a family member in law enforcement told her to use […]

I’m so glad she asked for help!

A polar bear is rescued after approaching humans wanting them to remove a can stuck on her tongue. A two-year-old female polar bear in Northern Russia was roaming around with a condensed milk can stuck on her tongue. She was so desperate to get it off that she approached humans in Dikson, a port settlement […]

The new slap heard around the world!

Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson couldn’t resist doing the viral “tortilla challenge” together. On Wednesday (July 20th), both stars posted a video to their respective Instagram accounts, showing them engaged in the standoff. Hart and Johnson laugh as they slap each other with tortillas and try not to spit out a mouthful of water. “You can tell @KevinHart4Real […]

Yep! A raise is in order!

The mandatory safety lecture at the beginning of every flight is a drag. But this EasyJet employee spiced it up, and passengers are saying he deserves a raise. Flight attendant Zavie walked the aisle like a catwalk with his life jacket on and danced throughout the demo. The video ended up on TikTok, and commenters […]