Fueled by Caffeine and Concealer

Now we know why the water tasted so sweet! Ooops.

A mom has taken to TikTok to share a fail, and it’s got people cracking up. TikTok mom @trishnicole92091 got over 1.4 million views and 270,000 likes when she uploaded the hilariously cringeworthy tale to her account. In her post she explains she fills her large Igloo water bottle each day with filtered water and […]

You know what day of the week it is! Wet Nose Wednesday! Meet Shamrock!

I have met this little dude and to say he is cute is a severe UNDERSTATEMENT! Shamrock is one in a million. This little guy is looking for his FUREVER home and he will be on the show this morning at 7:50a. Get ready for a lot of ‘oooooohs’ and ‘awwwwwwws’ because I cannot control […]

Oh Misty.

Guess she didn’t see this coming. British morning show This Morning’s hosts brought Beth Lee-Crowther on the show yesterday to talk about her purported ability to communicate telepathically with animals. But the segment was interrupted when Lee-Crowther’s dog, Misty, jumped off the couch and went wandering around the studio. Cameras caught the moment Misty found […]

Did you hear about the dog that got a speeding ticket?

There’s no punch line because this really happened! A dog really got a speeding ticket!  A man in Germany was shocked when he opened up a letter informing him he’d gotten a speeding ticket, and his dog was pictured behind the wheel. The ticket was for about $52, and the driver explained to The Dodo […]

Meet Dusty…our Wet Nose Wednesday Superstar of the Week!

It’s mid week and it’s nose booping time! Today, we will boop Dusty’s nose! Look at this sweet dude! He may look a little rough and tumble but he has a heart of gold! And he’s looking for his FURever home! The Erie Humane Society will be in studio this morning at 7:50a with Dusty […]

She’s got some rules. And Bertha is NOT invited!

92-year-old grandma Lillian Droniak is one of the most popular grandmas online with 3.8 million followers on TikTok, and her video last week shows why. The video is “rules at my funeral,” with the caption “It won’t be anytime soon but don’t forget it,” and it’s been viewed almost 20 million times so far. Her rules? “Cry […]

I love Dunkin! I love E.l.f.! I love this! I am so BUYING this!

Cruelty free, vegan and affordable! I am a coffee addict. I am a make up addict. I need this!  Excuse me while I hop online. A new Dunkin’-inspired makeup collection with e.l.f. Cosmetics launches Thursday and features “The Dunkin’ Dozen” eyeshadow palettes, “Donut Forget Putty Primer,” “Glazed for Days” lip glosses and more. To get access to […]

Please meet Tennessee Tux! Our Wet Nose Wednesday Superstar of the Week!

It’s Wednesday and time to boop some noses! Today we will boop the nose of Tennessee Tuxedo! He is currently up for adoption through the Erie Humane Society. He is special needs but we just know he will find his FURever home sooner than later! I can’t wait to squeeze him! Interested in meeting him? […]

The universe REALLY wants Simone to have these shoes!

Simone Boutet of Oak Park Illinois said more than 15 pairs of “really, really, really tacky” shoes have been mistakenly delivered to her home over the course of a year. Boutet said the shoes started being delivered to her home by UPS about a year ago, and between 15 and 20 pairs have since arrived. […]

Harry’s House!

Harry Styles fans won’t have to wait much longer for new music. The singer just announced he’ll release his third studio album, “Harry’s House,” on May 20th. Not too many details are known about the album, except that it will feature 13 tracks. Harry did share the album cover art, which has him standing on the […]

Please meet Charger! He’s our Wet Nose Wednesday Superstar of the Week!

It’s another Wet Nose Wednesday and today is gonna be fun! Why? Because we are going to meet Charger and if he’s anywhere NEAR as cute in person as he is in his photo, I believe I may fall in love! So what’s Charger’s story? He’s a Pitbull/Terrier mix and he’s stopping by Happi as […]

I would say this is DEF a successful crop!

A British man who set a Guinness World Record by harvesting 839 cherry tomatoes from a single stem then broke that record a few weeks later when he harvested a stem bearing 1,269 tomatoes. Douglas Smith of Hertfordshire, said he studied various scientific papers on tomato growing and took soil samples for laboratory analysis before planting his […]

Please meet Pia…our Wet Nose Wednesday Superstar of the Week!

Please meet Pia! She’s our guest this week on our Wet Nose Wednesday! She is currently up for adoption at the Erie Humane Society and they will be in studio this morning at 7:50a with Pia.  And I think it’s obvious by all of my exclamation points that we can’t wait to meet her! Here […]

Do you see a ghost? Is it real? Fake?

TikToker Esmeralda is freaking out the platform with a video of what looks like a ghost. She was sitting on her couch and took a video of her being alone in the room. Yet, when she pans to the TV, which is off, there’s a figure sitting next to her on the couch. Esmeralda waves and so […]

Someone has a case of the Mondays!

  This little guy just COULD.NOT.DO.IT. Thankfully, he got up and went to school and got his Monday over with. I think we can all relate to this!  

I love Mila and Ashton.

Ukrainian-born actress Mila Kunis and her husband Ashton Kutcher have pledged to match up to $3 million worth of donations to Airbnb.org and Flexport.org through GoFundMe.org in an effort to raise $30 million for the refugees fleeing Ukraine. Kunis wrote on the couple’s GoFundMe page, “While my family came to the United States in 1991, I was born in […]

One lucky pupper!

A quick stop for a picture in the middle of Arizona’s desert turned into a life-saving journey for a family on a cross-country road trip. Kristina Munford, her two siblings, and their father had randomly decided to take a ride west, but on their first day of a week-long trip, they saved Canyon, a malnourished puppy they […]