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Kathy D and Sammy! Happy Wednesday!

Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper calls in every Wednesday and this morning, there was a lot to talk about when it comes to Covid 19 in Erie County. Take a listen!  

Looks like I need to step my cat parenting up a notch?

My cats scream like wild animals when they get in the car. I can’t imagine I’d be able to actually take them on adventures. It would sure be fun, though. But yeah…the whole screaming in the car thing puts an end to that before it begins. That and the throwing up as soon as the […]

Early Morning Mug Club!

Who wants to be part of our Early Morning Mug Club? You could win one of our limited edition super cool mugs AND win goodies and coffee from Tipsy Bean. How can you enter? You can do it right here on our site! Just find the Early Morning Mug Club post and get signed up […]

Wait…what? This shade of pink is BANNED?

A certain shade of pink is making waves on TikTok. Julian Gibeau runs a TikTok account dedicated to what he calls “controversial colors.” In one popular video he breaks down a shade of pink known as Baker-Miller pink—a shade which allegedly reduces hostile or aggressive behavior, and nobody knows why. He explains, “The military ran […]

Sammy and Kathy D!

Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper checks in with us every Wednesday and here’s what she had to say today about Covid 19 in Erie County! And be sure to check our her presser today at 3p on Erie News Now and the ENN Facebook page!  

Not cool, ladies. Not cool at all.

These women dressed up as ‘grannies’ to get their second dose of the Covid 19 vaccine. They were charged with trespassing. I hope that they really sit and think about what they’ve done. Although I doubt they will.  

This makes my heart hurt!

I am so thankful for everyone helping these wonderful creatures out!  The volunteers are angels on earth.

Talk about a one of a kind gift!

Oh boy!   Some traditional Valentine’s Day presents can start to feel a little tired after a while, so people try to get creative with their tokens of affection. But one woman has come up with a unique gift for her husband this Valentine’s Day and he’s definitely never gotten anything like this before. So […]

At least he’s not a cat…

Technology snafus are pretty amusing when they involve important people on video chats. On Wednesday Republican Rep. Tom Emmer was on a virtual House Financial Services meeting, and the Minnesota lawmaker flipped the video of himself upside down via a filter that made his head look upside-down and detached from his body in front of […]

Wednesday’s with Sammy and Kathy D!

Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper calls in every Wednesday with the latest on Covid 19 in Erie County. Today…we are cautiously optimistic! Take a listen to what Kathy had to say!

Spread the LOVE this Valentine’s Day! How? Read on to find out!

Happi wants to help you spread the love this Valentine’s Day with our Cupid Call Ins! Just open up the Happi 927 app, click on “more” then hit “shout out” . Now you are all set to record your Cupid Call In for your special sweetie! Plus you are in to win a great Valentine’s […]

Kathy D and Sammy S on your Wednesday!

Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper calls in every Wednesday with the latest on Covid 19 in Erie County! Take a listen to what she had to say this morning!  

Get ready to take love notes! It’s a brand new Love Happi!

Every Monday, our First Lady of Love, Erica Sheridan, checks in with tips on dating and romance! This morning, she discusses modern dating with a vintage twist! Take a listen to her wise words and remember, you can always check her out at http://kingsandqueensdating.com  

Snack time?

As we previously told you, Lady Gaga has teamed with Oreos for new “Chromatica” Oreos, and fans can finally get their hands on them. The cookies, “pink-colored Golden Oreo cookies with green colored creme,” officially launched yesterday in stores nationwide, along with a scavenger hunt, with clues inspired by Gaga’s album. For those who took […]

Kristen Stewart=Princess Di? The answer is YES!

I saw this pic yesterday and could not believe how MUCH Kristen looks like Princess Di. Here’s the story: Fans are getting their first look at Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana for Pablo Larrain’s Spencer. The film follows one weekend in Diana’s life, as she spends Christmas with the Royal Family at the Sandringham estate in Norfolk and decides to leave Prince […]

Another Monday…another Love Happi! Take some “love notes!”

Monday’s are all about love on Happi. This week, our First Lady of Love, Erica Sheridan, talks about texting and dating. (And why you should do less texting and MORE talking.)   Also…you can manifest the man or woman you are looking for in life! How? Take a listen! And remember… you can always find […]