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Star Wars fans! Omgoooooooodness. Check this out!

Disney revealed the price sheet for their upcoming Star Wars-themed Galactic Cruiser resort in Orlando, and it starts at $4,809 for one room that can be shared by up to two people for two nights. A family of four needing two rooms for the two-night package gets some savings — and will only pay $6,000. Billed as a […]

Gaga in Gucci

This looks like it’s gonna be good! (Minus the fur. Ew.) Oh. And the first time ever Jared Leto doesn’t look hot.

Wet Nose Wednesday! Please meet Bear!

Please meet this weeks star! It’s Bear!!! Or as I like to call him, KING Bear!   Bear is an adult neutered male German Shepherd mix. He is about 8 years old and weighs about 75 pounds. Bear was removed from his previous home following an animal cruelty investigation. Sadly he and the other animals […]

She was asked to wait outside because of what???

This makes NO sense! A woman was mortified after she was asked to wait outside a garage because her crop top was “inappropriate.” TikTok user Tia Wood shared her experience with her 176,000 followers. In the post, Tia can be seen showing off her outfit, which consists of a burgundy crop-top and denim shorts. Captioning the […]

Because it’s Monday…

I scoured the internet for the cutest thing I could find to help you out with your case of the Mondays…let me know if this worked. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Living Destinations (@living_destinations)    

Hey Mr. Bear, I think you’re in the wrong car, sir.

These guys were camping when they realized a bear had broken into their car. So what did they do next? Take a gander! Something tells me they will be talking about this adventure for many years to come!

Aww. Get better, Teddy!

Teddy, a 6-year-old basset hound-Labrador mix, arrived at the Surfside collapse site in Florida with a team of crisis response pups immediately after last month’s tragedy. Since then, he’d been on site to greet those who came to look for and mourn the dozens of loved ones lost in the collapse. But after 3 weeks of nonstop […]

Are you ready to see an overload of cute? Scroll down and you will! This is Venus and Serrena! They are not quite twins but they are sisters! (And the daughters of Cordelia…who was part of our Wet Nose Wednesday a few weeks ago. She was adopted!) These babies came from a hoarding situation and […]

As you know, I have an obsession with geese. I LOVE THEM!

Love is alive!   A concerned Canadian goose went to check on her mate, who was undergoing surgery at the New England Wildlife Center’s Cape Cod Branch on Wednesday. The staff had noticed that Arnold, who lives in a pond near the center, was limping. He had two fractures on his foot, so they took him […]

Our Wet Nose Wednesday! Please meet Miss Piggy!!!

Please meet this weeks WNW Superstar…Miss Piggy!!! Stare at her cute little face for a minute then read her bio below!         This little Piggy! Miss Piggy is a young adult spayed female Pit Bull mix. She is about a year old and weighs about 60 pounds. Miss Piggy is a knee […]

Yeah. #busted

Some thieves apparently don’t consider all the evidence they might leave behind. The Daily Dot recently posted about a Doritos Locos Taco that went missing from a customer’s delivery order. TikTok user @katelyn8560 revealed in a video that she recently placed a Taco Bell delivery order, but when it arrived, one of her tacos was […]


People can just be plain rude on airplanes sometimes. Twins Andrew and Ashton Walker are known as @the.walker.twins on TikTok and have millions of views on a recent post, which shows them pouring water on a person’s bare foot. This issue is the offending person put their foot on the armrest of one of the […]

Our Wet Nose Wednesday…on Thursday! Meet FRED!

Before we tell you about Fred. We want you to SEE Fred. Ok. Now that you have seen the POWER that is Fred…here’s a little about him. Fred is a 5 year old neutered male, orange tabby that is in search of a special family that can provide for his special needs. Fred is diabetic […]

Meet Lucy! It’s our Wet Nose Wednesday! Get ready to say “AWWWWW!”

What does the Erie Humane Society have to say about Lucy? LOTS! And it’s all good! Lucy is a 4 year old spayed-female boxer mix. Lucy was surrendered to the shelter because she was not getting along with the other dog in the home and does not do well with small children. Though Lucy is […]

Wait…WHO DOES THIS??? (And yes…it warrants all caps!)

  This really stinks. Imagine coming out of a store to find your car has been damaged in the parking lot. A woman on TikTok recently documented her experience of this, in which she comes out of a Walmart to see her car was badly damaged, and someone had left a note on the windshield […]

This cut and color cost HOW much??? It turned out BEAUTIFUL.

Hair is art! How much would you pay to get the hair of your dreams? Lots of us treat ourselves to a trip to the salon as part of our regular beauty routine, but one hairstylist is being called out for the cost of her services. Jasmine Policarpo is facing backlash after posting a video to […]

Fuzzy love!

I am that person that will never tire of kitten videos, dog videos, animal videos of any kind. It’s like a mood lift for me. If YOU need a mood lift today, this is for YOU!!! Love you guys. <3  

Wet Nose Wednesday!

The Erie Humane Society will be in today with another adorable wet nose…it’s our Wet Nose Wednesday brought to us by Bianchi Honda and Honda Max! This week it’s Cordelia…a one year old spayed little ball of love! She was saved from a hoarding situation and is looking for her loving and FURever home! Could […]

A little creepy? Why yes…yes it is.

You never know what you might find when you move into a new house, but this is pretty creepy. A U.S.-based TikTok user, @dontbeanashhole, recently shared a strange find in her home. In the post she explains that she moved into her new house knowing the previous tenant had died there. She writes on the […]


Who else is super psyched for the new SCREAM??? Scream director Tyler Gillett has revealed that the forthcoming fifth instalment of the franchise has been completed. Gillett posted a photo of himself in the editing studio on Instagram with the caption: “Picture locked. I promise it’ll be worth the wait #SCREAM.” The film is scheduled […]

Wet Nose Wednesday!

Kota is the superstar of this weeks Wet Nose Wednesday! If you want to meet Kota, please contact the Erie Humane Society and set something up! What a sweetheart!!!   Kota is an adult neutered male Siberian Husky mix. He is about 6 years old and weighs about 41 pounds. Kota was surrendered to the […]

How wild is this?

A San Diego woman took to social media to document the story of a thrift store night stand and a hidden note written by a childhood friend. Valencia Walker posted a video explaining how she purchased a set of second-hand nightstands from a local Goodwill store. Walker said she found a note hidden in one of the […]