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How do you know when you are ready to date? It’s Love Happi…

It’s Monday and that means our First Lady of Love, Erica Sheridan, is on the show to help out the single ladies and guys know when they are ready to date again! It’s Love Happi every Monday! Check Erica out at www.kingsandqueensdating.com...

He just wanted some late night snacks! He was feeling snacky….

Maybe he went grocery shopping earlier in the day and decided that was the day he was going to start eating healthy and avoided the snack aisle. THEN all of the sudden the snacky mood hit. Why not run to the store and pick up a few goodies? (And pick up some deo, too!...

Watch this! So amazing!

You are paragliding and all of the sudden you have a new friend… I think we shall name him Henry.   https://youtu.be/DfMcrkOo-z4

Monday calls for a cute cat video.

I needed a pick me up this morning. This gave it to me. We do not deserve the magic of animals. We really don’t.   https://youtu.be/ERewRe6oMF8

If you are having a bad day…this will make it better. Guaranteed!

Well if this isn’t the cutest thing.  An unnamed woman has gone viral on TikTok after cutting six small holes in her yard’s fence for her two dogs so they could look out and also poke their noses through at passers-by. An amusing clip of the dogs using their...

Why is Alan our Hero of the Day?

Why is Dr. Alan McElligott our Hero of the Day? Let me tell you why! Alan, who lives in London, was out and about the other day and wanted to drop off some old clothing at a donation bin. As he was dropping the bag into the bin, he heard meowing coming from inside of...

We need cute furbabies on a Monday…

Look at this puppy if you are having a crappy Monday. Look at this puppy and smile. Talk about love!!! I think I may go cry from happiness now. So…if you’ll excuse me…   https://youtu.be/lii8uADYQcw

Just SO good!

So much talent. The song was released months ago but now we finally get the video! This song is from the upcoming James Bond film, which will be in theaters (hopefully!) in November. https://youtu.be/BboMpayJomw

Just SO good!

  So talented! The song came out months ago but we are now finally getting the video. It’s from the latest Bond movie, due out in November. https://youtu.be/BboMpayJomw    

The Kathy/Sammy Show! Kathy D checks in!

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means! Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper calls into the show with the latest on Covid 19 in Erie County! Get the latest right here! https://justcast.herokuapp.com/shows/happi/audioposts/915659.mp3

I hear there’s a bit of a debate happening in Cleveland tonight?

Erie News Now’s Washington Correspondent Matt Knoedler called in this morning live from Cleveland where President Trump and Democratic Presidential hopeful Joe Biden will debate it out for the first time tonight. Matt chatted about what’s going on in...

Look at this CHONKY baby!!!

I have a chonky boy at home. His name is Leo Lambert and he’s 18 pounds. He’s a little thing compared to Lasagna!    ...

Lizzo ROCKS!!!

Glam gal. Gotta love that tiny purse. We know what she keeps in there!   https://youtu.be/kTCMb-DJh9g