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Wanna laugh? Tammy Pescatelli is proof laughter is the best medicine!

If you need a laugh, you need to head to Kellar’s Modern Magic and Comedy Club this weekend and catch funny lady, Tammy Pescatelli. She’ll be performing Friday and Saturday night. And if you head to the show Friday, stay after for a VIP showing of her episode of Blue Bloods! (Tom Selleck…swoooooon…) If you […]

Kathy and Sammy Show!

Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper calls into the show every Wednesday with the latest on Covid 19 and Covid 19 vaccines in Erie County. This is what Kathy had to say today! Take a listen…    

2 dogs VS 1 bear.

You never know how your pets might actually save you. Deedee Mueller was napping in her Paradena, California home on Saturday (April 10th) and had multiple doors open to allow for fresh air to circulate, and so that her two dogs, Mei Mei and Squirt, could go in and out of the house as they […]

Boredom causes us to do all sorts of WEIRD stuff…

So what did YOU do during the last year of quarantine? Did you do this??? I can honestly say that I did not.   You have to wonder how bored you’d have to be to do something like this. TikTok user cocolee379 has managed to make hair extensions out of her hair that fell out […]

This is SAVAGE.

If you attended school, you know people usually ask friends and sometimes even teachers to sign their yearbook. Twitter user @Arcticashhh recently shared a note that she found in one of her yearbooks from a teacher, and she couldn’t believe it. The teacher’s note reads, “Ashleigh, Sometimes I go home and can’t sleep because your […]

Fluffy is home! I repeat…Fluffy IS home!

A rabbit that was found wandering the streets of Sharon, Massachusetts, is now back home with his human family. Police discovered him hopping around the day after Easter, leading them to ask if anyone was missing an Easter Bunny. And it turns out, someone was. The rabbit is named Fluffy and he’s a pet. After […]

An Epic April Fools Prank!

Have you ever waited with excitement for the Amazon driver, peering through the blinds to see them walking down your driveway with a familiar brown box? Then you probably love a good home delivery order and will appreciate this woman’s antics even more. Like a lot of us, TikToker Melissa Beeler has been doing a little more […]

A kid and an owl…

This kid is an owl whisperer, I think! How fantastic would this be? Owls are gorgeous!  

Kathy and Sammy! It must be Wednesday!

Every Wednesday, Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper calls into the show with the latest on Covid 19 and the timeline for Covid vaccines. Here’s what Kathy had to say this week! Take a listen:  


Have you heard of bearenting? No? Well…here’s a visual. Being a mom is tough! That little dude climbing the tree may be grounded. That mama bear has her paws full.


Absolutely precious.  

Knock! Knock! KNOCK! Is anyone home?

A Swan in a town in England is being super annoying…yet so gorgeous! Homeowners in Northampton, England have been dealing with a swan that seemingly likes to knock on doors. The locals say the swan couple has been there for seven or eight years, and that about five years ago the male swan started messing […]

Kathy and Sammy…it MUST be Wednesday!

Every Wednesday, Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper calls into the show and gives an update on Covid 19 in Erie County. What did she have to say today? Take a listen!  

And what a birthday party it was!!!

A New Orleans woman threw a birthday party to “celebrate” the one-year mark for road work in front of her house — complete with guests, cake, balloons and a photoshoot. “It was one year ago this week when they first began to rip up our street. One year later, half the street is impassable — just last […]

Kathy D and Sammy!

Every Wednesday, Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper calls into the show with the latest on Covid 19 in Erie County. There really IS light at the end of the tunnel! This is what Kathy had to say this week!

A little girl, a mailman and a unicorn. We put all of that together for you!

This is so sweet. Please read on if you want to smile. A little girl in Richland, Washington, got a sweet surprise from her mailman after he delivered on her special request. Five-year-old Alice Aardal wrote a letter to the mailman, who she’s never met before, asking him to bring her a unicorn. Her mom, Melissa, says Alice […]


I love geese. They give ZERO cares. Z-E-R-R-R-R-O!  

Who knew cutlery could be so controversial?

There is another online debate brewing and this one is a BIG one. We doubt that many people spend a lot of time contemplating how to store their cutlery in their kitchen drawers, but apparently it’s the subject of some major debate online. The controversy started after a woman posted a picture of her very organized utensil […]

This guy!!!

Have you heard of the Trap King? If not, please meet him!

The Folding Lady!

I LEGIT fell into the rabbit hole of the Folding Lady today. Marie Kondo may want to watch her back…because a new organizing guru is taking over. We never thought we’d be turning to social media to watch someone fold clothes, but “The Folding Lady” is changing that. Her social media feeds are basically a one-stop […]

Smart Dog!

Yesterday was What if Cats and Dogs had Opposable Thumbs Day. And today we see this! This dog doesn’t even need opposable thumbs to get what he wants. Watch if you need a little laugh for your Thursday! This will do the trick!