Fueled by Caffeine and Concealer

Murder lamp?

TikToker Paige Nicole posted a video of her a brass lamp she found in a thrift store, and it turned into an investigation. In the clip, she revealed that the removable lamp shade had a mysterious stain underneath that looked like blood. In follow-up videos, Nicole says a family member in law enforcement told her to use […]

I’m so glad she asked for help!

A polar bear is rescued after approaching humans wanting them to remove a can stuck on her tongue. A two-year-old female polar bear in Northern Russia was roaming around with a condensed milk can stuck on her tongue. She was so desperate to get it off that she approached humans in Dikson, a port settlement […]

The new slap heard around the world!

Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson couldn’t resist doing the viral “tortilla challenge” together. On Wednesday (July 20th), both stars posted a video to their respective Instagram accounts, showing them engaged in the standoff. Hart and Johnson laugh as they slap each other with tortillas and try not to spit out a mouthful of water. “You can tell @KevinHart4Real […]

Yep! A raise is in order!

The mandatory safety lecture at the beginning of every flight is a drag. But this EasyJet employee spiced it up, and passengers are saying he deserves a raise. Flight attendant Zavie walked the aisle like a catwalk with his life jacket on and danced throughout the demo. The video ended up on TikTok, and commenters […]

When you want a donut…you WANT A DONUT!

A mama bear and cubs apparently wanted breakfast and were willing to commit breaking and entering to get it. Alice Taylor says the mama bear removed the screen of an open window and the entire family went inside, then made a beeline for the kitchen of the California home. When they got there, the bears ate the […]

Dancing Dolly!

A Connecticut woman on a road construction crew is dancing on the job, bringing smiles to passing drivers. Dolly Torres has been working for Stop & Go Traffic Control for three years. About six month into her job as a road construction flagger, she decided to start dancing while she works to help distract her from the […]

Please meet Pablo and Escobar…Our Wet Nose Wednesday Superstars of the Week!

Every Wednesday, the Erie Humane Society drops by with noses to boop! They will be in studio at 7:50a!  EHS have a shelter full of furkids looking for their FURever homes and this week, we meet Pablo and Escobar! They are currently up for adoption and are ridiculously cute! They are two playful and loving […]

Maybe not the weirdest tattoo…but def weird enough.

A TikToker named Cinco decided he wanted a “special” tattoo, so he took his mother to the parlor with him. Once he was in the chair, he had his mom lean over and bite him on the leg; the artist outlined the bite mark with a pen and then tattooed it. As you would imagine, the opinions […]

I am not sure this was the wisest of decisions? But at least he got it off his chest!

Airlines have been dealing with staffing shortages recently, leading to cancelations and other problems, and one flight attendant on a recent Ryanair flight from Spain to the UK had apparently had enough. He keyed the PA system on the flight and told passengers where they could direct their complaints…and then went on. He said the […]

Your celeb soulmate based on your sign!

I came across this on Bestlifeonline.com. The Batman is my guy! Aries Soulmate: Serena Williams (Libra) You, Aries, are competitive, energetic, and dynamic—which makes you passionately confident in all aspects of life. As the first sign of the zodiac, you’re known for relentlessly going after what you want and always striving to be the best. […]

He dyed his hair WHAT color?

Tom Brady gave his support for a great cause and got a free makeover. The seven-time Super Bowl champion let pediatric cancer patients dye his hair red and orange for the Buccaneer’s “Cut and Color for a Cure” event to raise money for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation. The official NFL Twitter account tweeted a video […]

We don’t condone being a Peeping Tom but this is one CUTE peeper!

Even bears can be peeping Toms. John Barretto of Patterson, New York shared a photo on socials, taken from inside a bedroom in his home, that shows a bear in a tree staring at his dog. The window was open at the time but Barretto says his doggo was safe the whole time. The bear […]