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You do you boo.

Do you love your dog this much? Michelle Parker, age 54, lives in Leeds, U.K. with her dogs– one Samoyed, named Luka, and one Keeshond, named Keisha. She collected 15 ounces of Luka’s hair (that he shed) and 7 ounces of Keisha’s. She then hired spinning and knitting expert Andrea Devine, who used Luka’s fur […]

Please meet Susie! Our Wet Nose Wednesday!

Every Wednesday, the Erie Humane Society drops by with an adoptable furbaby and this week…please meet Susie! Seriously…how CUTE is she???? Look at those eyes! We will learn more about Susie this morning at 7:50a!  This is from Nicole at the EHS: She is an absolute delight but likes her own things and would prefer […]

We all deserve a cozy couch to crash on!

Bears like a cozy spot too. A man from Steamboat Springs, Colorado, says he put a couch out on his back deck for outdoor lounging, but it’s now unusable after a local bear adopted it as it’s nightly hangout spot. Chris Ward says he put the couch out in the spring and soon found it […]

SO much happened on the VMA’s last night. SO MUCH!

Here’s a rundown of the fun! Another MTV Video Music Awards are in the books. As usual, it was quite a night. The show opened with a pre-taped segment featuring Madonna, who talked about coming to New York 40 years ago for the first time, the same year MTV premiered. She added, “We found each other […]

YAS! December 22nd!!!

Who’s ready for more Keanu and Carrie Ann? We are!!! December 22nd in theaters and on HBO Max!

Please meet Monica! Monica with THUMBS! It’s our Wet Nose Wednesday!

It’s my FAVE day of the week! It’s our Wet Nose Wednesday with the Erie Humane Society! And this week, Emily is bringing MONICA! Monica with THUMBS! Here’s a little about this TOTAL SWEETHEART!!! (I LOVE black cats so much!) As per the EHS page! Monica is a 1 year old mini black panther….with thumbs. […]

This poor dog. Roombas and tails don’t mix. Buyer beware. 🙁

Roombas and pets don’t necessarily mix. TikTok user Gabrielldennis recently posted about how she came home to find her Roomba vacuum destroyed. She checked out the footage from her dog cameras to see what happened, and found the vacuum got stuck between a cushion and one of the dogs, and latched on to the dog’s […]

Is Bigfoot real? Watch this!

Bigfoot researchers and enthusiasts are buzzing about the latest video to emerge of the creature, saying it may be the best-quality clip ever taken. The video was supposedly taken in Idaho and shows what appears to be a very large muscular figure walking through a wooded area. Some bigfoot experts aren’t convinced, but a lot of them […]

It’s another Wet Nose Wednesday with the Erie Humane Society!

This week, our WNW superstar is Areah! What a sweet baby! I know I say that all the time but WHAT A SWEET BABY! If you are interested in meeting Areah, please call the EHS at 814 835 8331, visit them at 2407 Zimmerly or check them out online at eriehumanesociety.org. Our Wet Nose Wednesday […]


I love that she uses her voice and her fame to make a difference.      

I want this bottle! Anyone have one???

Sometimes social media brings a particular product to everyone’s attention, and right now, TikTok has alerted the world to the existence of a ghost-shaped tequila bottle. It’s made by Gran Agave Ghost Edition Reposado, and you can head to your local liquor store to try and find it. Reviews on TikTok say the tequila itself […]

I relate. I really do.

Taylor Swift just joined TikTok, and in her latest clip she reveals that she’s embraced the title of “cat lady,” captioning the video “little did she know.” She shared a clip of a 2014 interview in which she discusses having two cats, Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey, explaining, “Before I got the second cat, I was […]

Lorde is a solid rock star!

This is Lorde week on The Late, Late Show. Lorde told host, James Corden that she no longer does Twitter or Instagram, and that she has blocked her YouTube account from herself. She says she quit cold turkey and it’s been tough. She even has her phone set up to where she can’t use a search engine. The reason she gave for quitting was because she felt […]

Wet Nose Wednesday! Please meet Axel!

Oh how I love Wednesdays! The Erie Humane Society drops in every Wednesday at 7:50a to showcase an adoptable furbaby from the EHS! Today…it’s Axel! Our Wet Nose Wednesday is brought to us by Bianchi Honda and Honda Max!   If you think Axel would be a good fit for you, you can visit the […]

Tay Tay news!!! #swifttok

Taylor Swift is on TikTok and the singer used the platform to announce the release date of the vinyl edition of Red (Taylor’s Version). The clip showed Swift lip syncing to the British rapper Dave’s song “Screwface Capital,” which mentions her by name, as the names and dates of her most recent album releases flashed on screen.  According to […]

Zac made his Tik Tok debut…

@jessicaalba That time in #Dubai I got #zacefron to do a #tiktok dance 💃🏽🕺🏻w me… while shooting movie trailers 4 #dubaitourism ☺️ ♬ Don’t Rush (Remixed) – Shayan   Jessica said it took her an hour to learn the dance. Zac picked it up in a minute. He does make it look easy, doesn’t he? […]

May we introduce….ROSE! It’s our Wet Nose Wednesday!

This week, we meet Rose for our Wet Nose Wednesday! Rose is part of the Lighthouse Street seizure where many animals were rescued from a hoarding situation. Let’s take a looksie at Rose then learn more about her!!!     As posted by EHS: Rose is 2 years old and is deaf. She’s incredibly sweet […]

814 Day! 814 Day! 814 Day!

Who is ready for 6 hours of music on a beautiful summer Saturday? Tomorrow is 814 Day! 5 city parks with 25 different bands and performers! Happi will be at Griswold Park beginning at 3p! Come out and say HI and enjoy the beautiful day!

Oh mah goodness! Meet Floyd! It’s our Wet Nose Wednesday!

Every Wednesday, the Erie Humane Society stops by with a furbaby that is looking for their FURever home. This week, it’s Floyd! Please read a little more about him and if you think Floyd would be a good fit for your home, please contact the EHS at 814 835 8331 or visit them online at […]

Oh go home.

A woman rings her neighbor’s doorbell to tell them she is annoyed by their Tigger flag because it “makes the neighborhood look tacky”. The Winnie the Pooh character is on a flag next to the American flag in front of the house and she asks them to take down the flag before she finds out […]

Are you a toxic person?

Do you want to know if you’re toxic? There’s now a test for that. Truity has come up with the Toxic Person Test that can tell you if you have one of seven toxic personalities, and to what degree. The test uses the three traits that are most responsible for toxicity: neuroticism, conscientiousness and agreeableness. […]