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We need more of this in the world!

This woman has been all over the internet and she deserves the recognition. In a time when there is so much sadness and turmoil, she is so needed! She was working security at a Taylor show and while she was keeping a sharp eye out around her, she was also enjoying one of life’s biggest […]

Tess is safe! Meet our Heroes of the Day! And yes…I’m crying.

Last Friday, Labrador retriever Tess approached city workers outside her Portland, Oregon, home hoping to get a treat, but instead the 14-year-old pup fell 23 feet down an open manhole. The dog’s owner, Larry Beutler, was shocked to see Tess vanish down the hole and quickly called his wife, Linda, with the news. “She just walked up expecting a […]

You MUST meet Harvey!

You’ve probably seen posts on socials about shelter animals. Well… they work. Harvey the husky has a unique face and for months he was in the care of the San Diego Department of Animal Services. Joy Ollinger, who’s a lieutenant there, thought that was too long. She took pictures of Harvey and his lopsided face, which […]

Is Toast a dog or a coyote? The answer is…

Do you remember a few weeks ago, Toast hit the news because no one was sure what he was! Toast, the suspected coyote pup that was rescued last month in Texas, is cleared to be adopted. As we told you, Toast looked like a coyote, but no one was sure so a DNA test was run. […]

How AWK.

Austin Butler and his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens were spotted outside the same Oscars afterparty on Sunday (March 12th). In a video obtained by Entertainment Tonight, Hudgens can be seen looking at her phone as she walks past Butler, who is with Sharon Stone, as he waves to cameras. Both Butler and Hudgens appear to notice one another, but they […]

Besties FURever!

I think that it’s safe to say that these puppers will be best friends forever…er…I mean FURever! If you need a Monday smile, we think this will do the trick! Happy Monday! Let’s get through it together!

These ladies are amazing and RiRi is a class act!

Rihanna showed her appreciation to a group of seniors from Arcadia Senior Living in Kentucky who recreated her Super Bowl halftime performance on TikTok. Jay-Z and Rihanna sent the seniors 100 red roses along with a card that read “We Love The TikTok Here At Roc Nation.” The seniors shared their gratitude on Instagram, and their TikTok video has now been […]

Sometimes you just CANNNNNOT contain your excitement.

You don’t usually hear this level of excitement from an announcer, but it’s understandable.I mean, this kiddo heard EXACTLY what he wanted to hear and couldn’t wait to share the news. The superintendent announced a snow day to the student section at the end of a game and the student broadcaster gave the call of […]

A lil’ piggy got a ride in a patrol car! Meet Elvis. Elvis Pigsley!

This lil’ dude knows how to get attention! (via the Daily Mail.) A portly pig named Elvis Pigsley was given a lift home by police officers because he was ‘looking cold’ on the roadside. The porker had escaped from his home in Fairview, Anchorage, Alaska and was struggling outside before a concerned citizen rang up cops due […]

Zip it. Zip it up. It’s time for RiRi.

Rihanna rocked the Super Bowl halftime show, but Adele is the one who’s going viral from the performance. The “Easy On Me” singer wasn’t kidding when she told fans at her Vegas residency that she was only going to the big game to see RiRi sing. And apparently, she was serious. Footage from the game of Adele shushing […]

Brodie knows exactly what he…and everyone else…wants! He’s a future trailblazer!

Brodie is getting a lot of support for his proposal to shorten the school week. The six-year-old is seen in an Instagram video shared by his mom saying he’s been “dreaming” of a three-day break from school. “Hey, I’m Brodie and this is for the government and I’m protesting,” he starts. The well-spoken young man, who […]

Go big or go home!

This is a stick to be proud of! This pupper meant business when he went out for a stick to bring back to the hooman.  

Oppsie daisy. That pillow wasn’t important was it?

The pillow wasn’t THAT important was it? I mean…the store is full of them! Look at this sweet face! Who wants to hug the doggo? I can’t be the only one! Who could POSSIBLY stay mad at that face?

The answer to this is yes…yes I would.

Would you get lost in the world’s largest snow maze? I can answer this before I even finish the question. I get lost GOING HOME…so yes…yes I would get lost. And I would annoy everyone around me until someone helped me get the heck out. I have a directional problem and getting lost is something […]

This gives me MAJOR anxiety.

The cats seem so relaxed and cool with what’s happening but this makes me a total nervous fervous. (That’s what my dad used to call me because I would constantly worry about EVERYTHING and ALL the time.) I’m sure the paw parents are safe and careful but I am still going to continue to bite […]