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What the what???

Everyone has different life goals. A man from Japan named Toko, paid approximately $15,709 for a hyper-realistic border collie costume. He got the costume from a company called Zeppet, which specializes in sculptures and models for movies, commercials, and amusement facilities. The costume reportedly took 40 days to create, and went through multiple rounds of […]

Dream Big!

Next week we will celebrate National Paper Airplane Day. We want to celebrate a bit early. Check this out!

Tuesday fuzzies…

We don’t deserve animals. They are just so pure and wonderful.

Designer brand Balenciaga recently unveiled a new limited-edition line of footwear so damaged and dirty that most people wouldn’t be caught wearing it in public. A pair of Balenciaga Paris High Top Sneakers will set you back $625, but if you’re looking for the heavily destroyed version, that one will cost you almost three times […]

Let’s all send Harold cards!

The family of an Ohio grandfather and World War II veteran is seeking cards for his 100th birthday. On June 8th, Harold Myers of Mansfield, Ohio, is going to turn 100-years-old. The WWII veteran and lifelong Ohioan still lives independently with his wife of 72 years, Margaret. He still drives his car and does the grocery shopping, but […]

Meet Wednesday…our Wet Nose Superstar of the Week!

It’s that time of the week again! It’s our Wet Nose Wednesday! And this IS Wednesday…who is up for adoption through the Erie Humane Society. She will be on the show this morning at 7:50a and we can’t wait to meet this sleek and lovely lady! Are you looking to add a furbaby to your […]

This is one way to get six pack abs quick….

In an attempt to get the coveted six-pack abs in time for the summer holidays, a man who hates going to the beach got himself a hyper-realistic six-pack tattoo. South African-born tattoo artist Dean Gunther recently shared one of his funniest projects ever with his social media followers. In photos and clips posted on his […]

Meet Janet! She is our Wet Nose Wednesday Superstar of the Week!

If you aren’t sitting, you need to be. This gal’s cute factor is gonna knock you off your feet. Let’s all meet Janet. She is up for adoption through the Erie Humane Society and will be in studio this morning at 7:50a for our Wet Nose Wednesday. Here’s a little about Miss Janet, per the […]

Harry on the big screen

Get ready for more Harry on the big screen! You will have to wait until September, though! #dontworrydarling

The Sunday Scaries are a real thing. How can we ease the scaries? Read on!

The Sunday scaries are a totally real thing. In fact, almost 70% of working professionals reported feeling them last year. Unfortunately, there’s no “magic cure” but those who are successful during the week implement these three strategies on a Sunday Set intentions for the week. Ambiguity causes stress. In other words, if you’re just winging […]

Harry’s House track listing revealed!

Harry Styles is set to drop his new album “Harry’s House” on May 20th. Well, now he’s revealed the track list for the record. The singer shared a shot of the back cover of the album on his Instagram Story, with the record featuring 13 tracks, including the single “As It Was,” as well as “Boyfriends,” and […]

Everyone…please meet Dixie! She’s our WNW Superstar of the Week!

It’s Wednesday…my fave day of the week! It’s our Wet Nose Wednesday! (Yup. I love Wednesday’s even more than Friyay’s!) Today, we will meet Dixie! Dixie is up for adoption at the Erie Humane Society and this girl has stolen so many hearts. Could she be your furry little soulmate? Here’s a little info about […]


Anything for attention and clicks,  I guess?  

Now we know why the water tasted so sweet! Ooops.

A mom has taken to TikTok to share a fail, and it’s got people cracking up. TikTok mom @trishnicole92091 got over 1.4 million views and 270,000 likes when she uploaded the hilariously cringeworthy tale to her account. In her post she explains she fills her large Igloo water bottle each day with filtered water and […]

You know what day of the week it is! Wet Nose Wednesday! Meet Shamrock!

I have met this little dude and to say he is cute is a severe UNDERSTATEMENT! Shamrock is one in a million. This little guy is looking for his FUREVER home and he will be on the show this morning at 7:50a. Get ready for a lot of ‘oooooohs’ and ‘awwwwwwws’ because I cannot control […]

Oh Misty.

Guess she didn’t see this coming. British morning show This Morning’s hosts brought Beth Lee-Crowther on the show yesterday to talk about her purported ability to communicate telepathically with animals. But the segment was interrupted when Lee-Crowther’s dog, Misty, jumped off the couch and went wandering around the studio. Cameras caught the moment Misty found […]

Did you hear about the dog that got a speeding ticket?

There’s no punch line because this really happened! A dog really got a speeding ticket!  A man in Germany was shocked when he opened up a letter informing him he’d gotten a speeding ticket, and his dog was pictured behind the wheel. The ticket was for about $52, and the driver explained to The Dodo […]

Meet Dusty…our Wet Nose Wednesday Superstar of the Week!

It’s mid week and it’s nose booping time! Today, we will boop Dusty’s nose! Look at this sweet dude! He may look a little rough and tumble but he has a heart of gold! And he’s looking for his FURever home! The Erie Humane Society will be in studio this morning at 7:50a with Dusty […]