Cisaro! Our Wet Nose Wednesday Superstar of the Week! Superstar Booperstar! I can’t wait to boop his nose!

Apr 19, 2023

Yay! It’s my fave day of the week and that day happens to be WET NOSE WEDNESDAY! The Erie Humane Society will be in this morning with Cisaro and I cannot wait to meet him! He’s a bit of a man of mystery to me right now but we will find out all about him at 7:50a when he and Emily from EHS drops by. Rumor has it he loves snuggles and nose boops so he’s my kinda guy.

Here’s a lil bit of info on this handsome boy! Look how DISTINGUISHED he is!

No description available.

No description available.

Join us this morning at 7:50a for our Wet Nose Wednesday with the Erie Humane Society!

It’s brought to us by Bianchi Honda and the Honda Max!