An Epic April Fools Prank!

Apr 5, 2021

Have you ever waited with excitement for the Amazon driver, peering through the blinds to see them walking down your driveway with a familiar brown box? Then you probably love a good home delivery order and will appreciate this woman’s antics even more. Like a lot of us, TikToker Melissa Beeler has been doing a little more online shopping than usual and it’s causing some tension in her marriage, which many of us can relate to.

Her husband is constantly coming home to yet another package being delivered and Melissa says he recently told her to cut back on her online shopping. So she thought it would be hilarious to prank him for April Fools’ Day by setting up an elaborate – and completely fake – display of deliveries. She’d been saving all the boxes from packages and she soon had a huge stash for her prank.

On April Fools’ Day, her husband came home to a mountain of boxes blocking the front door to the house. His reaction was priceless and the mom, who’s expecting her third baby, shared it in a TikTok video, which has more than 2-million views. Her husband asks, “What’s the problem?” as he walks up and she tells him she had to “buy stuff for the baby’s room. It looked like all these packages had just been delivered and making it even more believable? The UPS driver dropped off an actual delivery during the prank. The timing was perfect and she definitely wins for this one!



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